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From: (Doug Hoskins)
Subject: paper available: An IFS approach to emergence
Date: Tue Aug 01 01:11:04 MET DST 1995
Organization: U of Washington, Dept of Aero/Astro

The following paper is available as a unix compressed postscript
file by anonymous ftp from:

The paper was presented in March at the Fourth Annual Conference on
Evolutionary Programming.

Title: An Iterated Function Systems Approach to Emergence
Author: Douglas A. Hoskins

An approach to action selection in autonomous agents is presented. This
approach is motivated by biological examples and the operation of
the Random Iteration Algorithm on an Iterated Function System. The
approach is illustrated with a simple three-mode behavior that allows a
swarm of 200 computational agents to function as a global optimizer on a
30-dimensional multimodal cost function. The behavior of the swarm has
functional similarities to the behavior of an evolutionary computation


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