Somewhat Interesting Thesis

[Avery Andrews 941219]

People with access to www servers might want to take a lot at

(or that latter with diss/diss.html knocked off the end)

Which is a survey of side effects of DooM playing. Some of these
look to me like they might involve interference with control systems.
The diss, however (an BA honors thesis) doesn't have any serious
theorizing about what is causing the effects, and actually, there
isn't enough data either, but still maybe worth a look for triggering
ideas. It also points out that when seriously hi quality VR systems
become affordable, the side-effects issue is likely to become much
more important. Supposedly airline pilots aren't allowed to fly for
three days after using a simulator because of them, for example.

Sadly, I don't know how to get raw text out of a www site if you don't have
access to Xterminals, etc.