Splitting the List Not -Reply

[Hans Blom, 950807]

(Gary Cziko 950727.1603 GMT)

Personally, I would prefer to keep things the way they are with one
list and letting people on the receiving end decide on what to read
(as Bruce Nevin argued).

Another reason for not splitting is that splitting helps little: ever
noticed the extensive -- and very annoying -- cross-posting that goes
on in a geat many of the other email groups that have, for whatever
reason, split in the past?



<[Bill Leach 950808.00:26 U.S. Eastern Time Zone]

[Hans Blom, 950807]

Hans, I really don't think that the cross posting would have proven to be
a problem in this case. As I originally envisioned the "split", the vast
majority of people would have continued to read both lists. The real
purpose of having two lists was to reduce the demand for precision and
provide a "more relaxed" forum for people that might otherwise want to
talk about PCT but felt (feel) intimidated on this list.

Another option is possible too and that is to attempt to be sure that
discussions in the "applications arena" are allowed to continue without
"killing" them over lack of precision, faith toward basic theory or
"proper" use of terminology.