Spontifacting along

[From Bruce Abbott (960204.1720 EST)]

Rick Marken (960204.1300) --

Bruce Abbott (960204.1435 EST)

That's really not a question I'm qualified to answer with any authority,

But you just described how to determine whether a system is spontefacting
by determining what perceptual aspects of the environment it is spontefacting.
So I think you are quite well qualified to judge whether or not EABers (and
other psychologists) are acting like they are aware of the possibility
that organisms may be spontefacting.

That's not the problem; the problem is that I am not particularly
well-informed as to how "EABers and other psychologists" (a large domain)
are "acting." I did give you my opinion with respect to those whose work is
at least passingly familiar to me; for the rest the only honest answer is "I
don't know." I'm not an authority on what everyone in psychology (or even
EAB) is doing.

What behavioral phenomenon does perceptual spontefaction theory

Hold on now -- you haven't answered MY question yet! It's still your turn.