Square-wave tracking

[From Bruce Abbott (960213.1640 EST)]

Bill Powers (960213.1145 MST) --

Here is an attempt to get some real data into the conversation. The
subject is "square wave disturbances," which Hans Blom mentioned some
time ago.

Bill, for those who may have joined since our last foray into programming,
you might want to repost the grutils and mouse unit source code;
alternatively, anyone who would like a copy can ask me via private post and
I will be happy to supply the code (Bill would be, too, I am sure).

Also, I posted a program around March 26, 1995 called CTRACK1 and a
companion analysis program that fits the data to a one-level control model.
The program has provisions for the usual smoothed random disturbance plus
both sine-wave and square-wave disturbances. I spent a bit of time then
investigating square-wave tracking (but without trying to anticipate the
steps) in order to develop a model of the bottom level of discriminative
stimulus tracking performance. Anyone interested in getting copies of the
source code for these programs can ask me for them via private post. They
are written in Turbo (or Borland) Pascal and will compile with version 5.0
or above.