STELLA Intro Package

[from Gary Cziko 921005.0313 GMT]

A few days ago a received an intro package for STELLA II from High
Performance Systems.

It is a very nice package indeed. The highlight is two diskettes with the
full STELLA II program, except that you cannot save files or print.
Included are about six models from fields like biology, math, physics,
chemistry and economics which you can run and modify and run again as you
wish. The mini-manual provides a tutorial for building your own simple
model involving animal population growth.

For anyone with a Macintosh who wants an introduction to dynamic modelling,
I highly recommend this package, especially since it's free (curiously, the
price of the full program is not mentioned anywhere that I can find it,
although I know that students on this campus can get it all for $65 if they
are enrolled in certain courses that use STELLA).

The representative that corresponded with me is Steve Peterson. He can be
reached in Hanover, NH using e-mail <>, fax
(603.643.9502), or phone (603.643.9636).

I have yet to get information on TUTSIM to compare it to STELLA. Greg
Williams provided only a snail mail address and I have yet to get around to
printing my letter. If Greg has a fax or e-mail address for TUTSIM, I'd be
much obliged.--Gary

P.S. Perhaps Bill can let us know what he found out about the possibilty
of modifying STELLA so that real-time data can be used.


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