Remi Cote, 20 jan 1996 18H00

Is there somebody on the list who know the language Stella from
high performance system. It is an intuitive programming language
It is working with icon of stock and flow that you link together
on the computer screen.
It work on the basis of stock and flow, reservoir, source, sink,
valves. It is the syntax of Jay Forrester. Behind it there is the
common mathematic of system dynamic. But it is simpler to understand.

I intend to reproduce the control process, using stella. Can somebody
can give me a cue on this list?


[Martin Taylor 970403 13:50]

For those interestd in STELLA for dynamic modelling: The following was on the
system dynamics mailing list:



If you've not seen the user guides that come with ithink, doing so would
be a good starting point. They are loaded with examples of uses of
simulation in companies. The 'Business Applications Guide' is organized
around a number of case studies. You can read about the application and
then work with the associated models.

STELLA is our education product. The software is the same as ithink, but
the user guides and sample models are all academically oriented. I would
not expect to hear of much corporate modeling activity using STELLA,
although you will find it used in corporate scientific research


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