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Forgive me for jumping in here but your post raised a question in my mind
about control systems.

In most control systems (and in theory with all control systems) there is
a "deadband". We usually take about this and deal with it as though it
is not a part of the reference signal. I do quite a bit of work with
Digital control systems and have tended to think of "deadband" as a
"settable parameter related to reference". That is the deadband actually
IS a part of the reference.

Is it not likely that "deadband" in human control is also a natural part
of the control systems learned control?

As I think about some of the activities that I have performed, I know
that at times I conscously change the "tightness" of control and until I
"decide" that such a change is needed I am perfectly happy with "how
things are going." (at least I believe that this is sometimes the case)