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Hi all,

If you don’t think there’s a category for your topic, please reply here.

Please suggest the name and provide a brief description.

You can also suggest a colour for it. As long as it doesn’t clash with the existing ones, we will use that. We use rbg colour system.

Category title: Spreading PCT

I’d like to add a new category to discuss and share our ideas that help spread the knowledge about PCT. Also to share experiences of how you’ve taught PCT, what works and what doesn’t.

This would also include discussions on a meta-level, about scientific revolutions and various laments on “how pct ruined my life” (I believe that is the effect that after you’ve learned about PCT, most of the ‘science’ your colleagues practice, stops being remotely interesting).

If you are asking for suggestions, I would suggest “Workplace Stories.” Even if they are only anecdotal, they could prove eliminating.

After a few thoughts, I think PCT application is equivalent to Spreading PCT. I am trying not to make too many categories which can create confusion.

I suggest you use the tag feature.

I’ve read the Tag section but I can’t find any provision on this page or any other to add a Tag. What am I missing?


You can only add tags when you are creating a post. The tag section only shows you the existing tags in this forum.
Please refer to this post for a visual guide on creating tag.

@forumControlSystem, I disagree. What I’m looking for is a place to discuss PCT on a meta-level, such as the scientific revolution papers. It feels wrong to put them on a lower level category such as application. But anyway, I’ll start some threads and if it’s better to move them, you have this power, right?

Do you mean the category will include everything that potentially revolutionary? That’s actually a good idea. Maybe Warren’s article on Psychologists can be in there as well.

Can you draft a 50 word description so I can use it for the category? It needs to clarify what should be in the category and not in the Application category.

something like this?
Spreading PCT

Use this category for discussions about spreading the knowledge of PCT to the larger public; teaching PCT, discussions about paradigm shifts, experiences of success and failures, “How PCT ruined my life” (how PCT impacted your career and state of mind). The focus of this category is on the meta-level; applications of PCT should fit in the Applications category.

That’s perfect.

I add it as a subcategory under Application because I think it’s still a form of PCT application. Hope this make sense.

As a result of thinking about my ongoing disagreement with Rick about what counts as PCT Science, I’m thinking that there are aleady too many categories, and only two or three about PCT itself should exist: Science, Real-World Applications, and Relationships to Other Work (I think here about such things as “Sociology”, “Deep Learning”, Friston’s “Predictive Coding”, “Reinforcement Learning”, and so forth). More specialized areas, such as those just mentioned, could be topics rather than top-level Categories. I think of Language, which actually belongs in all three of my suggested categories. Sociology does, too, if you think of it as incorporating Collective Control, Politics, Culture, etc.

Posters (or commentators) probably would need to use a lot of tags to allow coherent search of what otherwise is likely to become a rather tangled web of Categories and Topics.

Maybe it is too late to change, but I would think that any new category should at lease be subject to a vote (a “poll”, I believe, in Discourse) before being implemented.

I agree if there’s any new category suggested should be subject to a poll.

I try to keep the current categories as general and minimal as possible so people who are new to PCT can navigate the forum easily. I can see the benefit of reducing to 3 main categories. Do you have any suggestion on how to convert current subcategories into your suggested categories?

Please do use and create tags that fits your topics.

Are you asking about the technique of moving subcategories, or about my opinion on what a category/subcategory tree should look like?

As for the use of tags, I agree that they should be used, but it is by no means obvious as I am writing now how I might add a tag to this message, quite apart from the fact that when one is concentrating on the thoughts one wants to explain or query, one is not likely also to be concentrating on a search for an “Add a tag” button.

Regarding what category/subcategory tree should look like.

You can only add a tag for a topic you created. You can also edit the tags of your topic. However, you cannot add tag for replies, since tag is used for organising topics.