SV: Where are you coming from??

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Fra: Wolfgang Zocher <>
Til: Bjoern Simonsen <bsimonse@C2I.NET>
Dato: tirsdag, mars 09, 1999 01:11
Emne: Where are you coming from??

[Bjoern Simonsen, (990310,2230 EU-time)]

Hi, Bjoern --

your name sounds like a european name. Is it right?? I'm very
interested in european
PCT'ers, especially were they come from.....

Wolfgang Zocher

Hi Wolfgang

Thank you for asking.
I answer your letter writing to the group. I feel as a part of the group
althoug I am not yet takeing part activ.

I am a Norwegian (Scandinavia) liveing in Bergen a city on the west coast.

I worked as a teacher at college, but in the last 15 years I have had a job whithin adm. in a rehabilitation institution and at a employmentoffice.

My interest in PSG is pedagogic and learning.

My age is 62 and my wife is Anne.

In 1986 I read the the article "Behavior, Purpose and teleolgy" (Rosenblueth, Norbert Wiener and Bigelow)
Since that day in 1986 I have been searching for people willing to discuss behavior as control of perception. (feedback and teleology)

In september 1997 I found the Control System Group on Internet. I joined the group and I will still be a listener for some months.

I have read a lot of CSG-letters back to 1992 and at the moment I am reading chapter 9 in "Behavior. The control of perception..

My problem at the moment is to understand how a special Reference Signal will enter a coperator together with a special perception/sensation signal (f.eks. a car comeing from the right).
I understand that a reference signal is a neural curent whitout a label.
_But reference signal come from different places in the brain and they can be different_.