Take Control

[From Rick Marken (960202.1200)]

Bill Powers (960201.0500 MST) --

All this would be unnecessary if EABers would say "influence" when they
mean influence and "determine" when they mean determine, and release the
term "control" to mean the result of the operation of a closed-loop
negative feedback system. Then I could go back to using reasonable
language and everybody would be happy again.

Bruce Abbott (960202.0955 EST) --

Fat chance! After 50 years of usage the current meaning of the term in EAB
is pretty well established.

Then EABers simply reject the conventional use of language. They have gone
beyond being passive non-scientists to being active obscurantists. Can you
blame anyone for not wanting to have a conversation with these people?

I think it's time to take "control" back, now. The new words don't seem to
have helped much, as proof of which I offer:


Hans, does the environment spontefact behavior?

Hans Blom (960202e) --

Herewith I declare that I refuse to participate in discussions that
use words that I'm not reasonably familiar with.

Thanks. Your answer couldn't have been clearer. Now I know exactly what you
know about the phenomenon that we have been calling (temporarily, I hope)
"spontefaction" but that everyone else, except EABers and others with an
agenda, calls "control".