Temporary withdrawal

Dear Bill, Rick, Bruce, et al,

I put in my unsubscribe request for personal reasons. I find my
intellectual power too weak to keep up with Bruce and Rick and
Bill. I will spend a few months in rereading B:CP and the whole
batch of books on PCT that I have accumulated. I am
controlling for elimination of frustration everytime I run into a new
acronym or a hieroglyphic-like set of equations. I still have the knotted
pair of rubber bands that Mary gave me at Flagstaff. They dangle
from a page holder on my computer as reminders of PCT.
When my feeble brain feels competent to rejoin the adventure I will
be back. In the meantime, I wish there more emphasis on cognition
and affect in PCT research. Most of the energy seems to go into the
realm of conation.
Love you all.
Ellery Lanier, Ph.D.