Testing the Self as Control System

[From Dick Robertson] 970408
This is in reply to Bryan Thalhammer's request to see a copy of the
1987 paper. I am putting my answer on the net because some others
have also asked to see it in the last year or two. It was
temporarily lost while I moved a year ago, But, I have now found
both the orignal hard copy and my disk copy. I will upload the
latter within the next day or two on to CSGNET. I'm still working to
get onto the web, so I don't have any proficiency there, nor a site,

Bryan, in answer to your question about publication. I sent it to
several psych journals and it got rejected by each one. However,
there was a reviewer or two who said it should be published, but not
by them. However, when the suggestions for modifications began going
around in a circle, with new reviewers recommending modifications
that previous reviewers had given as reasons for rejection, I gave up
and have let CSG archives be the publication site. You may use it as
you like, just give us a footnote if you use it directly. If you
need the reference list, I think I can find one in the hard copy to
send you. Let me know. Best, Dick Robertson


I guess you've changed your e-mail address. I've tried to get hold of you
to ask whether you still intend to send me a copy of your combined paper
on self-image for the special issue of IJHCS. I asked Bill Powers about
you, and he said that he hadn't heard of you for a long time.

I'd like to get your paper into the journal, but I don't have even a
draft of the version you said you'd like to produce, putting the two
that you couldn't get published into one. Could you do it in, say,
2 months?


[From Dick Robertson] 970409
Martin, Yes I could get the copy to you. I didn't know it was a
viable issure anymore. Somehow we must have crossed wires, because
when I didn't hear from you the last time I thought I was over the
limit and your deadline had passed. Right now I am trying to post
the revision on to the net for the two or three people who asked to
see it, but I'm having some darn problem uploading and I can't tell
what it is. You will see the version as soon as I can upload it .
Best, Dick