Thanks for your congratulations/appreciation

[From Stefan Balke (2001.11.15)]

Thanks all of you for your warm congratulations. I feel very good about it.

This is from Phil Runkel. I think the date is 10 Nov 01, late at night
U.S. Pacific time, standard.

Congratulations! You are an inspiration.

You have been (and still are) an inspiration for me, because I read your
book casting nets and testing specimen. After reading your book I gained a
higher order in my thoughts.

Please tell me the name of the publisher when you can.

The name is: Karoi Verlag, Bielefeld

[From Dick Robertson,2001.11.12.1140CST]

Congratulations Stephen

Thank you Dick. I`ll send you a copy, because you asked me for the article
at the Burgdorf.

Bill Powers (2001.11.11.1429 MST)

That's great news. Have you really translated "Making sense of behavior"
into German?

No, I'm sorry, for the book I translated your intro text (I gave the copy to
you) which was originaly published in the bytes series. Wolfgang checked the
translation. But you are right in a way: I translated some parts of msob for
my own usage. Because I think that msob is a very useful source for the easy
understanding of pct, it ought be available in German language. But a
possible translation is (still) not at number one at my agenda. For the
future I will not exclude it (if you would agree with a project like this).

I think more about your suggestion to translate my book into English. This
would be the only way to allow discussions about the contents among pct'ers
(with the exception of Wolfgang Zocher) and rtp'ers. Right now, I have no
time for doing this.

Rick Marken (2001.11.12.1414)

Nice going, Stefan! You are now the _News_ for November at the CSG Site.

Hi Rick,

that´s great. I'll send you a copy too, because you should read your name in
it :slight_smile:

Best regards