The CSG Crisis

[From Bill Williams 24 January 2004 5:00 PM CST]

[From Bruce Gregory (2004.01.24.1427)]

Rick Marken (2004.01.24.1055)

I have wondered about this myself. I think the answer is "agendas";
many people come to PCT because they think it confirms an existing
belief, an agenda.

I've heard you make this claim many times. I've never seen any evidence
to support it. It does seem to be an article of faith on your part.
Perhaps it is the only way you can make sense of how things have turned

Bruce, I think I may agree with Rick. But, the most interesting case the evidence that you say hasn't yet been supplied concerns the "agenda" that Bill Powers brings to the various strands of the economics thread.

As much as anyone Bill Powers brings a pre-control theory perspective on life into a new context in which people are attempting to adjust their thinking to a control theory perspective. However, in Bill Powers' case the problem is more difficult than it is for most of us. Most of us are able to split our personal histories into a pre-control theory era, and an era that is to some extent informed by control theory. As Rick says, because of our pre-control theory agenda we may at some point find ourselves arguing with Bill Powers. This is difficult enough, but there may be a way out of such arguments through personal reflection, and a realization that what is taking place is a conflict between our pre-control theory life and the one we experience in which we have been in a sense, "born again."

In Bill Powers' case, however, this isn't possible. He doesn't like most of the rest of us have a distinct dividing point in his life between a pre-control theory life and the later dispinsation provided by an acceptance of control theory. The result I think is easy to see. When Bill Powers experiences an erruption of a pre-control agenda, the result is an identity crisis. In this respect Bill Powers isn't any different than the rest of us when we expereince a conflict between our pre-control theory and our born again existence. However, when we experience such a crisis, Bill's deputy is availible to straighten us out. And, we are all to the extent appropreately grateful. Someday we may find a way to express our appreciation in an appropreate fashion. However, when Bill Powers experiences a conflict between his pre-control theory agendas and control theory Rick has been unable to straighten Bill Powers out. And, it is this failure on Ricks part that I have identified as constituting "The Crisis of the Control Systems Group." As best I can understand it, Rick's solution to this crisis is for everyone else especially those who are non-contributors to CSG, like you, me, Marc,and others-- and I don't want to insult anyone by not recognizing the dedicated efforts of the non-contributors to CSG out, to "go away." This would allow Rick the peace and quiet he needs to straighten Bill Powers out.

Bill Williams