The Hidden Coercers: One of a Series

[From Bruce Gregory (991118.1025 EST)]

_Some_ people like to comfort themselves with the belief that the public
library is free from coercion. This would be laughable if it were not so
sad. The public library is simply another arm of the coercive society in
which we live. Beneath the velvet glove of the "free" library is a fist
of iron. If you visit the library and find a book that you wish to take
home, but do not have a library card you'll find out how little freedom
means. (Library cards are yet another way in which the government can
tack our moves and attempt to read our innermost thoughts. You want none
of this intrusion. It's bad enough you have to have a drivers' license.
What right has the government to decide who can and who cannot drive!)

Cynically, the librarian gives you a "choice." "You'll have to get a
library card or leave the book here," she says, barely disguising her
arrogance and contempt.

"But I don't _want_ to get a library card," you protest.

"Then you'll have the leave the book."

Clearly she has no interest in what you want. The trap has sprung.
Humiliation or mindless conformity are the only two options. If you try
to leave with the book, the "friendly" librarian is likely to call the
local police. You will be apprehended. Possibly denied legal counsel and
held against you will until someone makes your bail. (Don't get me
started on bail. Some choice, jail or your meager hard-earned
resources--the thin line between you and the wolf at your door.)

Would it help if the librarian and the police office understood PCT?

I doubt it.

Bruce Gregory