The New Rick

[From Rick Marken (970612.1500 PDT)]

Don't let the subject head worry you; I'm just as obnoxius as ever.
Maybe more so because my ISP sold itself to a company that wants to
charge me twice as much as I was paying for my web site. Now, I'm
against leakage as much as the next person but I'm afraid I don't
have all that much to leak. So I went and got myself a new ISP.
This means I have a new e-mail address (below). It also means that
the PCT demos will eventually be at a new URL. It will take some
time to transfer all of the old web site files to the new location. But
I believe that the old web site will remain accessable (at until the end of June (at least).
Once I get the new site re-built I'll publish the URL and put a
pointer to it at the old one.

I am limited to 2MB free web space at the new site so I may have to
limit the amount of material at the new site (don't worry, David;
your paper stays on; I'll only get rid of my stuff). But I will
definitely keep the Java demos on line -- and, hopefully, continue
to add more.

I will check my mail for the next few weeks but
if anyone want to send me (nice) personal e-mail, please send it to
my new




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