The PCT Economics Model - User Interface Functions

[Shannon Williams (2011.08.03.1300 CST)]

Here are the interface functions that I think are a minimum to use the App.

User Interface Functions

1. New
2. Open
3. Save
4. Set Assess rates

Run the app
1. Assess
2. Simulate

1. All kinds of reports

Note: Until we have a really powerful computer, I don�t think that we
should assess the people�s controlled variables after every iteration
(behavior). I think that we either assess after every X iterations
(so we do a behavior X times before assessing) and/or the assess rate
is correlated to the sum change in types of input (perceptions) and/or
something. We�ll figure it out..

Assess is when the behaviors are determined. This is where the PCT
values, and Energy equations, etc. are applied. In this function each
controller identifies his behaviors.

Simulate is when the behaviors identified in the Assess section are carried out.