The seven deadly sins

[From Dag Forssell (2017.05.18.11:35 PST)]

Chatting with Richard Pfau a few days ago, he mentioned that he was looking at
The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology, by Chris Chambers.

I looked it up yesterday and see that it was published just a few weeks ago.

I have prepared a pdf with all the info at Amazon plus screen shots through Chapter 1. You can preview at Google Books (ISBN 978-0691158907) as well as Amazon. Each excludes some pages but only page 17 at both.

One reviewer points out that this litany of sins does not include the complete lack of theory in psychology.

We have seen books with comprehensive critique of contemporary psych before, though I can't put my finger on one. This one too shall be ignored by the faithful.

I'll forward the pdf if you ask me:

Best, Dag