Theory of Types and MoL

Paul Stokes (971231.1553 GMT)

Bruce Nevin (971230.1143 EST) said:

I expect you're thinking that the resolution of conflicts in PCT
corresponds to the resolution of paradoxes in the Theory of Types.

. . .

To be sure, there is every reason to expect that words are
of kinds corresponding to levels of the perceptual hierarchy. Bateson, et
al. assume something like this, but so far as I know the assumption is
without warrant from fundamental research.

I fear you are conflating the logical ordering that is entailed in
the Tot with the activity of perception. Although enacted
simultaneously and in concert they are logically distinct activities
- the former is, in fact, of a higher logical type than the latter.

After all, the ToT is about the recognition and classification of
perceptions according to the categories of samness and difference,
class and member.

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