There are people, Bill....

from Ed Ford (930623:1100)

(Bill Powers 930623.0700)

....all of our problems come from trying to talk with people who don't
understand PCT. The solution is to get them to understand PCT. The
rest will take care of itself.

A few minutes before I read your PCT And Other Theories post, I had been
talking with Eric Newton, Assistant Superintendent, Sweetwater School
District No. 2, Green River, Wyoming, where I have done extensive
training. With his permission, I have used
his name as a reference when soliciting other school districts about my
program and I was calling to ask if he had heard from anyone. He said
he hadn't but not to worry, if anyone called he would certainly be glad
to tell them about my program and its benefits, especially PCT.

He then just came out with the following remarks which should warm the
heart of our friend in Durango.
"Once you understand control theory, you can apply it in a school
district. There is no sense trying to make any meaningful changes in a
district unless you really understand control theory and then with that
understanding, begin to make changes that help children. Understanding
that theory really does make a difference in how you deal with
children as well as support staff, teachers, and parents. You need
to internalize this as a way to deal with people. You have to get out
of the theoretical stage and say this is the way things are happening
within us. And then you can use. As long as you say 'if this is the way
things are happening, then...' you'll never get any where. You have to
say this is how things work inside the brain and go from there. You
have to apply it. Get away from the theoretical to the practical.

The world seems to be stimulus response world judging from our
experiences but then after you learn
control theory and begin to use it, then you realize that the world is
much different, it's all choices. You have to look at your world
through control theory eyes and then you begin to see a whole new
world and then you can make effective changes that benefit children
within your school district."

For those who like to criticize public schools, they should visit Green
River and get to know people like Eric Newton and the staff and teachers
of Sweetwater School District #2 in Wyoming. It gets real cold
there in the winter time, but they've got a lot of very warm and
intelligent hearts.

Best, Ed

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