Thigh Cream, Equine Inequality

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I kinda like Bill Powers' approach because it induces the guilty bastard
to choose to modify his behavior, rather than we modifying ours. The problem
is that generating the required volume clogs the system worse than does the

The preferred legal solution is to have the appropriate administrator cut off
this turkey's internet access. We are going to need some traffic cops on
the information highway.

The preferred illegal solution is to place an anonymous and untraceable bomb
or virus in the offender's host that is triggered only by misuse on his part.
Then the bastard could choose his own level of torment.

A thought emerges, probably legal if the offender's administrator agrees.
The administrator could block specific outgoing addresses upon request
of another administrator. What would induce an adminstrator to do this?
The Powers approach, applied to the administrator, might discover that
an unclogged host is a controlled variable.

Once again, somebody has demonstrated the Equine Inequality:

There are more horse's asses than horses.

Regards, Bill C.

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