Thumbs up? (was Surfs up and Monitoring systems)

[From Rupert Young 2012.04.29 21.30 BST]

I wasn't making much progress getting the sailing control system to work
with control units of both wind and boat motion and relationship
perceptions, but had a bit of a brainwave. That was to make the wind
perception the highest level, which determines the reference for the
boat motion. If the wind is in the wrong direction then the wind
perception unit sets the boat motion reference to zero which, in turn,
sets the reference for the sail to down.

This architecture would also account for the other two monitoring
scenarios I mentioned; hitch-hikers an frogs. I can go into a longer
rationale of why I think this makes sense, but would welcome comments first.

See the attached model. Change either the overall direction, E2, or the
wind, E20, press the function key F9 and see the boat motion and sail
change as appropriate.

So, brainwave or brain dead?

sailing-discrete v1.9.xls (22.5 KB)