Tickets to St Louis

[From Dag Forssell (2001.05.27 07:00 PDT)]

[From Mike Acree (2001.05.26.1732 PDT)]

I had delayed buying my own ticket while I coordinated plans for a family
reunion in Arkansas following the conference. When I finally got those
settled this week, I found that the fare had gone up overnight from $250 to

Mike, I had a similar shocking experience when I looked for tickets from LA
to St. Louis over a month ago.

I held tight and lo and behold, I found prices back down in the same
reasonable range. That time I bought them.

My daughter Karin suggests that airlines play yo-yo with prices on the
internet over weekends in order to sell tickets at premium prices when more
people shop on the internet.

Just last night ABC news featured a story about heavy discounting by
airlines to fill planes to Europe. I have already purchased tickets to
Europe, but will make a point of checking if I can buy new ones much more
cheaply and then cancel with a modest penalty.

Hope to see you in St Louis!

Best, Dag