To Chuck re grades

Re: Using grades with students.

After I read your post, I went to a class I am responsible for:
Educational Psychology. I asked the students to write me
annonymous notes: I said, "I have tried to minimize the
negative aspects associated with grades in this class. Has this
been successful for you? Explain."

Their responses are summarized as follows:
14 students reported RYes.S (three students gave multiple
--4 said they feel more concern about learning rather than
grades, as a result of our class emphasizing learning.
--4 reported that the emphasis on each student actively making
the material relevant to their future as teachers has helped
them de-emhasize grades.
--4 said that being shown effective ways to study and to
monitor their own cognition has helped them be better students
and thus not so worried about grades.
--3 reported that focusing on their own personal goals and
improving themself has been a help.
--2 said that because the teacher does not emphasize grades
that that helps them.

15 students said, RNo.S
--9 of those qualified their answers by saying something like,
"It is hard to change something that has been so important to
me all these years of traditional schooling."

I hope this is a help to you.

Tom Hancock


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