To Good To Pass Up

Rick Marken at his very best.


Date: Wed Jan 04, 1995 8:14 pm PST

Subject: Bait and Switch

[From Bruce Abbott (950104.2050 EST)]

>Rick Marken (950104.1445)

>>Bruce Abbott (950104.1215 EST)

>>Rick: please tell me how you plan to study the properties of human memory

>>using the Test. Your results should allow you to explain, for example, how

>>it is that you are able to recognize a familiar face.

>I presume that this means that you don’t want to discuss the problems of

>using conventional IV-DV methodology to study living control systems?

Actually no, I don’t. I want to discuss the problems of using control-system

methodology to study aspects of human and animal capabilities for which that

methodology is inappropriate. In this way I hope to bolster my argument that

traditional methods have their place in psychology. I seem to recall your

saying that they have no such place. What you have done is to RESPOND as if I

had said that conventional methods are adequate for studying the phenomena of

control, which I never claimed. You are now out to prove this statement I

never made wrong. It’s a great politician’s trick, to avoid answering the

question asked by acting as though a DIFFERENT question had been asked, and

answering that one.