Too much

[From Bill Powers (930824.1900 MDT)]

Hal Pepinski (930824) --

Your "diary" today was an impressive compendium of selective
reporting, rumor-mongering, and wild generalizations. It seems to
me that the only reason you're interested in PCT is that you can
dream up ways of using it to prove that you've been right all the
time, without having learned anything to speak of about it. I
don't want to help prove that you're right, or that you're wrong:
I just don't want to play that game of rationalizations at all.
You preach peace but you foment conflict, just as you tried to
drive a wedge between me and my friends on the net. I can't
decide whether I hope your destructiveness is purposive or
accidental. All I am sure of is that I want no further part of

Bill P.