Under Control

[from Joel Judd 950814.0745 CST]

Bill (950812):

Sorry, I could've saved you a few bytes if I'd worded the social
institution sentence more carefully. "Institutions are Just Coalitions
of Individuals" is my mantra of late.

If you, personally, want more human beings to live and work in close

Actually, to be honest, I don't. I'd love (I think) to move out into
the Great West away from Metropolis :wink: ,and deal mostly with my own
family and myself. One of my sisters, OTOH, is gregarious and has a job
that requires CONSTANT social contact. It's just with several billion
people on the planet, it's getting harder not to find oneself in close
proximity to another. Not only that, but nowadays the one likely to be
close by may be someone quite different--racially, linguistically,
culturally, socially. Tolerance does not seem to be inborn but it does
seem to be in short supply.

Rick (950812):

Your comment about knowing other "organisms" that don't seem to require
ground rules points out a distinction between humans and other
organisms. Humans question what goes on. When was the last time you
heard a drone suddenly sit down and say, "Why should I waste my life
away for some stupid queen? I'm gonna see the world before I kick the

Humans have the often helpful and sometimes annoying tendency to ask
"Why?" I have little doubt that HPCT provides the best current answer
to "Why?" questions--especially when dealing with groups of people.
That's what I referred to as the THEORY part. PCT has a logical
consistency and leanness that can be very attractive when presented
well. But that's not usually enough to get people up and running.
Those involved also need to agree to certain ways of implementing
organizational relationships, don't they? And if they don't have any
ideas (or maybe any "good" ideas), wouldn't it be helpful for someone
more experienced to provide some? Certainly this would be the case with
younger children. Although as Bill mentioned the other day and as
certain case studies evidence, one could start pretty young.

Rick or Bill (or anyone):

Don't think I or anyone else has ever asked: what do YOU think about
the concept of "conscience"? Just curious.



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DATE: August 14, 1995
SUBJECT: Under Control