unsubscribing and Question from Dick

[From Dick Robertson,2004.05.19.0600CDT]

Bryan Thalhammer wrote:

[From Bryan Thalhammer (2004.05.16.0945 CDT)]


I need some clarification about CSGnet communication at this point. Am
I missing some messages if I'm not subscribed to the YG csgnet? Also
is this EAOCS or whatever. Is it something I should be on?

Are you on the new job yet? How is it going if so? No longer coming my
way for a get together? Let me know.




"Here is the deal: There are now two forums that a person interested in PCT
can subscribe to (or unsubscribe from):

* CSGNET: CSGNET@listserv.uiuc.edu (LISTSERV)
* csgnet: csgnet@yahoogroups.com (YG)

"As of now, [if you would be subscribed to both] both of these discussion
groups should feed into your ... account, and you should have no need to
visit the YG site to view the messages, other than you would like to visit
the site to learn more about Yahoo! groups, and what they can offer.

* csgnet YG: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/csgnet/

"The first [forum], by convention, is open to anyone, and no one will get
moderated, banned, or told off by the PC police. However, that forces a lot
of folks to decide that it is simply not worth listening to all that
kerfafel, as Michelle points out. Ray & Merry Bennett ... have decided to
opt out of the LISTSERV.

"The second, by agreement, is open to anyone at first, but those folks who
do not play by the gameplan, which is clearly stated on the CSGnet home
page, will first be moderated (their messages will be vetted, edited, and
finally not distributed to the group), then suspended, and finally banned.
Bill Powers does not prefer this method, with good reason. However, other
folks, who observe standards of decorum and wonder why others cannot, do
prefer this second type of forum, also with good reason. I do not wish to
create a division, only a distinction.

"The way we keep ... any person who has posted or continues to post messages
that flaunt the rules of decorum is this: We let them in, we give them a
chance, and then those people who have taken on the roles of moderators will
share the task of moderating, editing, and banning their messages, and then
finally deleting them from the group, if they continue to annoy the group.
That is it.

"Now, one more thing. I respect the rights of Bill W., Marc, and anyone else
to post messages that test the theory using fact, not opinion. I respect
their rights to scientifically push against the theory, showing where it can
be improved or disproved. However, I do not consider it a right to
speak/write in such a way that makes for an inhospitable environment, where
otherwise free speech could occur. It is a very thin line, and I don't like
to have to be the [only] one to articulate it, so that I hope others will
assist me. Goodness knows, I helped create the YG as an alternative to
LISTSERV, but I am not here to create a group just for courteous people,
only for people who act in a manner that does not discourage others from
participating in and evangelizing the theory.

"Hope that explains it!

"Kind regards,


--- Philip Runkel <runk@darkwing.uoregon.edu> escribio:
> Bryan: Well, how does Yahoo shield me from [------]?
> Is it your hope that all the courteous people will sign up on Yahoo?
> ...I just want to be sure of what I'm doing and expecting.
>Thanks. --Phil R.