[From Bruce Abbott (2014.03.03.1000 EST)]

For the next week or two I may not be replying to posts directed to me, as I will be heading for Florida this afternoon for a brief respite from the heavy snows and sub-zero temperatures we’ve been enduring here in northern Indiana of late. Now go away, or I shall taunt you a second time!


[From Bill Powers (2005.04.06.1604 MDT)]

Folks, as interesting as these threads are, I really have to try to make some progress on my book. Lately I've been finding myself at the computer late and early, trying to think up answers to questions I barely understand, and play games the rules of which are probably too hard for a guy my age to learn. I have an agenda and not a hell of a lot of time to carry it out.

So if I think of anything that I really can't help saying, I'll say it, but I'm going to the sidelines now. Don't take my silence personally; I just have to take a vacation from the ivory tower.


Bill P.