Vensim cost

[From Bill Powers (2002.09.10.1322 MDT)]

Hello, all --

There is a version of Vensim -- Vensim Professional -- that can do fitting
of models to data and that has a discounted price of $495 for those with
academic affiliations (less than half the commercial price). I urge all who
can get funding to purchase Version 5.0c1 of this simulation package. Bob
Eberlein, who developed it, donated at least three copies of his
top-of-the-line package to CSGers a few years ago, and I think we should do
all we can to give tangible expression to our thanks.

I should mention that this program comes in one form that can be run on a
Power Mac, so perhaps some of our Macintosh users can finally get in on the
modeling game.

If anyone wants to join in this modeling effort but truly can't find the
wherewithal, get in touch with me and I'll see what I can arrange. Those
who already have a copy of VensimDSS 3.x can use it for fitting data to
models, and so don't need a new version.


Bill P.