Version control. Was: hat does "model" mean?

[From Bill Powers (2002.11.12.0530 MST)]

Bill Williams UMKC 12 November 2002 4:00AM CST--

>Unneccesary confusion might be avoided by using specific captions
(GiffenV6) >for an implementation of a control theory model.

Excellent idea, but I've never been very good at version control. I start
out with good intentions, but when an idea strikes, they go out the window.
Maybe we need a coordinator, someone with the required attitude who will
receive all new programs, rename them as needed, and then distribute them.
Any volunteers?
This person could also require that programs be resubmitted with an
assigned correct name (since some compilers require, for example, that
Pascal Unit names be the same as the file name they're stored under).I will
defer to anyone who speaks up forcefully enough on this matter.


Bill P.