Video, second edition

[From Dag Forssell (930328 21.30)]

On March 11, Christine and I presented an introduction to PCT to a
second Deming Users Group. We now have an edited video ready which
we think is twice as educational as the first one was. We have
finally settled on the equipment for editing and have learned a few
things about what to do and not to do.

As before, I will mail the video with supplemental booklet to
anyone who asks. I'll ask for $10 for the tape and booklet with
additional for postage as follows:

Postage Surface, Air
to 4th class

USA $2.- $3.-
Canada $3.- $4.-
Europe $4.- $9.-
Pacific $4.- $11.-

I will honor E-mail, fax or letter request and trust that you add
up and send U.S. funds by snail mail. State surface or air.

Note: The video is 120 minutes, 1/2 inch VHS, NTSC (U.S. video
signal). Overhead slides are shown in closeups.

Dag & Christine Forssell
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Valencia, Ca 91355-2808
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