[From Dag Forssell (930318)]

Thanks Chuck! Re: Direct post (930317)

You made a number of comments about your own experiences and
perspective that others on the net would benefit from. I would be
pleased to see it on the net.

In the next few days, Christine and I are assembling the next tape,
from our March 11 performance, complete with a different camera
angle. Since you, Bill and Bob have given us feedback, you qualify
(along with the archive) for complimentary copies of the next
version. Others may want to stand by for progress reports from you.

Thanks, Dag

Hi folks, I have a message from Susan who developed that MOL video I sent round:

hi everyone,

I am so pleased you like the video - sorry to inform you, it was not meant for distribution, and sent to me as a preliminary draft, I am waiting adjustments, so can you kindly remove and I will send the final version which is meant for distribution shortly, thank you