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Thank you Boris for kind feedback!

As for your comments, I was using "at least millions" and "uncountable" synonymously meaning "much more than I can understand at the moment". That use was based on my defective knowledge about anatomy and physiology - which I have now started to study at the elementary level at least.

And yes, one must be more cautious when comparing social and biological systems. There are very remarkable differences - as there are also between one control system inside a biological organism and the whole biological organism as a living control system.

Eetu Pikkarainen


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Dear Eetu,

I think it's very good job done. Speccially when you talked about PCT I
think that you got the point.

EP :
It is important to stress that the control system is strictly speaking not
controlling its environment or any
object in its environment, but only its own perceptual state.

HB : I hope Rick will understand what you wrote. Incredible. You got it in
couple months and Rick couldn't grasp it in 40 years. I needed about 3
years. So you don't need any opinion from Rick, because his interpretation
of Powers' work is just quackery which has no PCT and physiological
evidences. It's just Ricks' confusion and manipulation, because he knows
that people can be handled if they don't understand well. But your way is
perfectly right and I would advise you to go exactly after Powers steps ?
You don't need anything else specially not Ricks' tricky advices and his

EP :
Any living being is more complex and especially a human being consists of
probably at least millions of this kind of small units.

HB : How did you come to this conclussion ?

EP :
The whole human being is a control system which consists of control systems
and which uses its uncountable small control systems to
control some bigger lines and affairs.

HB : This statement is a little diverging from previous. Whether is
uncountable or milion ?

EP :
This idea can be continued and social organizations can be similarly seen as
control systems consisting of either smaller organizations or human beings.

HB : I would rethink this idea with Maturana. He doesn't see the "social
organism" the same as "biological organism"... His arguments are strong.

All in all your essay is very good. Specialy your very precise understanding
of PCT. Rick could learn something from you but he didn't according to his
latest writings.

Good luck,


EP : As we saw in the Figure 2 there was drawn a reference signal as an
arrow coming to the comparator from above. Where does it come from? It is an
output of another control unit which is hierarchically above it. The lower
system is a part of the environment of the higher and that higher uses the
lower to control its own perception by defining the reference level of the

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Dear list
I want to share the first draft of a writing I had to do to digest PCT.
Comments and corrections are welcome.
I am sorry that here are no proper citations in this version.
(and the English is what it is)

Eetu Pikkarainen