was theory of mind now mathematical notion

(Gavin Ritz 2011.

[From Rick Marken

Gavin Ritz

GR: In
fact I love to learn new things, but the language you use makes no sense to me
mathematically. The fact that you think a variable is a function is a big
problem mathematically but let’s move on.

No let’s not. You are the one saying that I think a variable is a function. I
have never said such a thing.

I said was “perceptual variables are a function of input variables”.

here you are saying it,

keep reading that as though all I said was “perceptual variables are a
function…” which is kind of infuriating, especially since I wrote what I

Maybe but
it makes no sense in its statement form. When I asked some colleagues nobody
could make head or tail of it. Your statement is like saying verbs and nouns
are the same and interchangeable.

mathematical notation: p=f(s1,s2…sN). Here a variable, p, is some function, f(),
of the input arguments (which are varables), s1, s2…sN.

function, f(), is not the same as the variable, p.


And not
the same as the input variables either.

willing to bet that this still makes no sense to you mathematically –


at least that you will say it doesn’t-- so I’m probably wasting my time.
But if this really doesn’t make sense to you mathematically then I see no hope
for us ever communicating in what I consider to be a rational manner.

statement it not what you are saying here. There are not consistent. A function
transforms the variables, it’s not variables in itself.