Was this from you or spam?

Hi Martin

I'm copying to CSGNet because this is probably going out to everyone
to who I have ever sent an e-mail. A student of mine sent me an
invitation to this tagger thing and I accepted it just to be nice.
While signing up I apparently managed to send out an invitation to
everyone in my gmail address book. I am so sorry! I think the tagged
thing is safe; it looks like a social networking thing and I'm not
really interested in social networking. So I am VERY sorry for this. I
would just delete the e-mail. This goes for everyone on CSG Net who
might get an invitation from me to join Tagged. I don't think there is
anything wrong with joining it; it's just that I didn't mean to invite
all these people.

Again, very sorry.




On Sat, Mar 1, 2008 at 9:15 PM, Martin Taylor <mmt@mmtaylor.net> wrote:

I have received a message that purports to be from you, with the subject line:

Richard sent you a friend request on Tagged :slight_smile:

I will not read it unless you say that you did send it, which I
doubt. If you didn't send it, someone is spoofing you in the "From"
field and the "Reply to" field, but not in the :Sender" field, where
ite sender is listed as :
Richard Marken <tagged@taggedmail.com>


Richard S. Marken PhD