Waste deep

[From Rick Marken (940812.1010)]

Tom Bourbon (9400812.0833) --


It was really difficult to read these papers. Both are waste deep in that
old-time social science


I love the pun: waste deep! In the spirit of Woodstock '94, Write on!

God, I wish I could take credit for it; but I think it was an accidental
side effect of controlling for something else. I'm afraid it will have
to go into the books along with my other accidental bon mot and ridiculously
appropriate self-description: "loose canon" (instead of the correct version,
"loose cannon, for those, like me, who are spelling challenged; a "canon"
is a law of the church -- of PCT in this case, of course).

Bill Powers --

In a recent post you said that you were lazy. If you are lazy, then
I'm clinicaly dead;-)