We Are Blessed!

From Ed Ford (931125.1110)

(Bill Powers 931125.0215) Observing P.

Bill, I thought your description of morning bedtime
conflicts was a classic! You made my day! The conflict
between warm, toasty bed and having to take a pee - I'm
still laughing. Thank you, thank you..............

By the way, I've spent the past week keeping busy. First,
last Saturday, I was teaching 40-50 El Paso Area Foster
Parents, 2/3's of whom couldn't speak English, about PCT.
Fortunately, I had two bilingual assistants, who did the
translating. I was teaching them how to deal effectively
with they're children, discipline, and all that sort of
stuff, based on PCT. Foster parenting is a tough job
(Hester and I had many teenage foster children when we
were rearing our own children). You have to set standards
and establish relationships all at once. They've already
asked me to come back.

Then, Monday and Tuesday, I trained the Maricopa County
(where Phoenix is located) Adult Probation Officers
counseling skills and PCT, upon which the skills are
based. They've already scheduled my return. The idea of
not trying to control others because they're living
control systems and you've got to teach through asking
them about their own world and the comparison between what
they want and how they perceive the effectiveness of what
they are doing to get what they want really excited them
as an affective approach to working with probationers.
These people work with the toughest people.

I've also been running a group for ex-cons on probation
for a probation officer friend of mine. They're getting
PCT in small chunks as well. Interestingly, last night I
asked the question "Do You think people are responsible
for what they do?" There was quite a lively discussion
but they all agreed there was. Then, playing the devil's
advocate, I suggest some may not be due to circumstances
in their lives, such as home environment, disruptive
homes, abuse, etc. They insisted that in everyone's life,
there comes a time when people know what's right, and that
everyone is responsible for what they do.

Finally, I have a friend visiting from California who has
been working in juvenile prisons for the past 23 years.
She said in Orange County, one year ago, they were getting
3 to 5 juveniles who had committed some type of offense
per weekend. Today, one year later, that number has
increased to 100 juveniles per weekend. I think that is

After dealing with all these areas, you have to be
thankful for your blessings (or whatever Rick would call
them). Sorry, Rick, I couldn't resist.

Take care, Ed

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