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My improved web site www.livingcontrolsystems.com is now up and running. The new file structure is very different from the old.

I have added a number of books that I am now reselling, and have posted extracts from all the books. "What People Say" has been rearranged into one place.

I want to show off PCT with maximum credibility. The range of literature shown here shows that quite a few people take PCT seriously, and that it has many applications.

By posting forewords in their entirety and a page from each chapter, plus indications of the existence and professionalism of the reference pages, visitors will have ample opportunity to judge the style and quality of the writing, the subjects covered etc. Creating each file has taken quite a bit of time, but as I work with the books I am impressed again and again with their quality. To me, this treatment is especially effective for LCS and LCS II. Without it, you have no idea what they hold.

I have not (yet) given People as Living Things, The Method of Levels, or the Twin pack the same treatment. These works are still represented by a series of pdf files. I think the new format with a single html file is better, so I expect to process these too. Possibly as an alternative.

Many files have been polished. The file with applications has been expanded and now refers also to Cziko, McPhail and Petrie.

New to the About PCT section is a post by Powers: The Underpinnings of PCT, a paper by Runkel: A stroll in the Park, and a program by Powers: 14 degrees of freedom.

I have plans for www.pctresources.com. With a simple file structure I shall place a variety of reference files there, including the complete CSGnet. The last several years can best be posted in the form of Eudora mailboxes that can be downloaded. Once downloaded and Eudora installed, Eudora can search individual posts across many years. It may also be possible to use PCTresources as an FTP site for file transfers between PCTers. No promises as yet.

Between now and the end of August I will select a new host because my present host is getting out of this particular kind of service. My next step with the web site is to implement a shopping cart.

Comments are welcome, either here or directly to dag@livingcontrolsystems.com

Best, Dag