Words non words and association

( Gavin
Ritz 2010.

I think that the words acting, and behavior
should not be used in PCT and the reason for this is they have a very
particular meaning in normal daily discourse and in the discourses of science and
soft science.

Acting and behavior means doing something to
something precluding the self. (Well sort of)

This has serious implications for
understanding some of the concepts of PCT. Acting and behavior as words and in
non verbal communication implies a stimulus-response model. These concepts can be traced back to Aristotle.

Trying to change minds stretching back
that far is a big job.

I propose that it is better to use a word
like selection in the case of choosing a controlled variable.

This may take away the long suffering problems
associated with using words like behavior and acting.

The word behavior is even worse as it immediately
forms non verbal concepts in the brain that is the total opposite of what PCT
has been trying to explain.

Then PCT tries to convey to others, no “the
word” behavior actually means something else. One is fighting a 1000 years
of non verbal acceptance.

Its no wonder there is such a
problem getting people to even take a peek.

This reminds me of the swing door
situation one person wanting to get in the other wanting to get out.

PCT has sowed
the very seeds of its resistance into its fabric.

It feels
unauthentic to new comers. Not helped by many old hands at PCT.

It’s mental lethargy and resistance
at its best for those first coming into contact with it.

The positive thing is this, it’s
never too late to take a different position.

Kind regards