B:CP Course, Week 2 Study Guide Answers

Rick Marken (2013.07.10.1225)

[Fred Nickols (2013.07.10.0748)]

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Hi Fred et al

Thanks for the answers to the study guide questions.

I’m answering this with B:CP Course in the title. Please, everyone, try to remember to put (or keep) “B:CP Course” at the beginning of the subject line in your posts. I can tell which posts are relevant to the course even without the heading but I think there are people who have joined CSGNet just for the course and they would like to avoid posts that are not relevant to the course. So while you title, even without the B:CP Course in the subject line, is clearly relevant to the course, let’s try to keep “B:CP Course” in the subject line to make it easy for those who want to to focus on just the course.

I’ll comment on your answers once I get a few more people replying. I liked your answers a lot but I would like to hear what others think about the first chapter before I start trying to comment on them.



Week 2 Study Guide CH 1 Dilemmas of Behaviorism - Nickols’ Answers1.doc (27 KB)


Richard S. Marken PhD