PCT activists needed

Here are three tasks that are very important for support of PCT research and for cultivating informed awareness of PCT. Please consider stepping up to help either as an individual or pulling together a team:

  • Publicity: Get the word out about our 2020 conference at Northwestern and about The Interdisciplinary Handbook of Perceptual Control Theory: Living Control Systems IV. Every field has blogs, newsletters, and other media where such announcements are welcome. After identifying these channels of communication with help of people in each field, this would take the form of writing a basic announcement, modifying it slightly to claim relevance to the particular field, and sending it to be posted.
  • Powers Archive: Help archivist Kevin Leonard write grant proposals to fund digitizing of papers in the William T. Powers Archive at Northwestern. We also need to improve the organization of materials physically in the archive. The archivists do not have full knowledge of the field and its history.
  • PCT Bibliography: Gather and organize a comprehensive on-line list of citations in standard APA format as a resource for research and for authors.

These tasks support research and the promulgation of PCT. In addition, in support of everything we do as an organization, we need a new Treasurer. It’s not a very difficult or onerous role. The Treasurer is a member of the IAPCT Board of Directors. Rick Marken has posted the job description.