Solicitation for New Treasurer for IAPCT

The IAPCT needs a new treasurer. The duties of the treasurer are as follows:

  1. The main duties of the treasurer are:
  • To collect dues and other donations to IAPCT.
  • Deposit this revenue into the IAPCT bank account (currently a business account at Wells Fargo Bank named Control Systems Group).
  • Make approved payments from this account to vendors, such as those providing conference facilities.
  • Make annual report at meeting regarding revenue and expenses.
  • File tax return to maintain non-profit status with IRS.
  1. Maintenance of non-profit status:

The IAPCT was founded as the CSG in 1986 with 501c(3) status as a non-profit charity. The 501c(3) status was filed in the state of Colorado. This status was revoked in 2011 due to failure to file a tax return. An appeal was filed in 2012 but nothing seemed to have come of it so we have been operating without non-profit status since 2011. In mid-2018 I spoke with an accountant who specializes in filing tax returns for non-profits. At that time, the accountant said we could refile for non-profit status as a charity (501c(3)) or as a professional association (501c(6)). She recommended re-filing as a 501c(6) but that would require liquidating the 501c(3), which would require an attorney (and some possibly large attorney fees). But the accountant also suggested that we might all be able to reinstate non-profit status (501c(3) or 501c(6)) by simply by filing a form 1024 for the IAPCT. I can consult again with the accountant to see if filing the 1024 is still the way to go. If so, then I think the 1024 should be filled out and filed by the new treasurer so that he or she can more easily keep track of the tax status of the IAPCT.

If you are interested in the job please contact Bruce Nevin, the president of IAPCT at .


Rick Marken

Current IAPCT Treasurer

We need you to step up to the role of IAPCT Treasurer. That’s right, I’m talking to you. You who understand the importance of a professional organization supporting PCT.

The job does not demand much time and energy. Making deposits and payments can be done on line, perhaps entirely so, mostly around the time of the annual meeting and conference. We pay for professional tax preparation. There are monthly meetings of the IAPCT Board of Directors. That’s about it.

If you care about PCT, please consider volunteering for this essential role. It is a legal and practical requirement for the success of our organization in supporting and promoting PCT.