Reorganisation at every level of the perceptual hierarchy

Dear all,

At the 2023 IAPCT conference, I presented my ideas on how reorganisation has a different character at every level of the perceptual hierarchy. I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions in this topic. Do you think my descriptions are accurate, and where have I missed something? What else comes to mind ?
– Eva

My presentation is available as video:

Slides and Handout


Perceptual Level Regulation system – regular control Examples Reorganisation
1. Intensities Intensity of sensory information at the level of a single neuron. Loudness of sound, intensity of pressure Awareness
2. Sensations Sensory information compounded as a single sensation or feeling. Taste of lemonade, the sensation of pain Feeling
3. Configurations Order in patterns and shapes. Objects are perceived as unity. The shape of a chair, the feeling of an emotion Spatial attention
4. Transitions Time, movement, or change as configurations vary. Water warming up, increasing pitch Temporal attention
5. Events Chunks lower-level continuous signal into separate short-term experience. Something happens. A sip, a crash, a word Noticing
6. Relationships Connects lower-level perceptions: Events - events = process Transition-transition = time Configuration-configuration = space Up, under, below, after, before, behind Associating
7. Categories Clustering of perceptions that share properties, making distinctions. A goat or not a goat? Outside-of-the-box
8. Sequences Fixed order of underlying perceptions into time, space, or process. Predicting, orientate in space or time. Following a trail, a melody Shifting attention
9. Programs Structure of if/then choices between lower-level perceptions, branching possibilities. Exploring decisions. Add pasta when the water boils. Plan a field trip Adding choices
10. Principles Fuzzy concepts such as values and principles. Sense of meaning, what is important. Safety, justice, being a good parent Insight
11. System concepts A coherent organisation of principles as a single unit. Sense that something is true. Worldview, identity, personality Curiosity

Hi all,
I’m trying to revive this topic. I would love to hear some feedback on these ideas. I know the perceptual hierarchy should not be considered fixed knowledge. We are working with ideas here, and ideas need to be constructed, deconstructed, compared, elaborated on, dismissed etc in order to become more solid and testable ideas.

I’m working on a document where I connect these levels and their reorganisation-state to MOL questions and the results of reorganisation in MOL. If anyone is interested in discussing that or helping me test these ideas (I will be needing MOL session transcripts), let me know.