The Study of Living Control Systems

Just a reminder that if you want to learn Perceptual Control Theory and you haven’t done it yet be sure to get yourself a copy of The Study of Living Control Systems, the book that has been called “…by far the best introduction to Perceptual Control Theory that is available today.” Alright, it was called that by the author but it did get some great endorsements by highly qualified reviewers. So go out and get a copy or two and enjoy.

In addition to “The Study of Living Control Systems: A Guide to Doing Research on Purpose”, general readers interested in learning about Perceptual Control Theory (PCT) may wish to consider the book “Your Behavior: Understanding and Changing the Things You Do.” This book highlights PCT, has also received good endorsements, and is available by going to

Let me second Richard Pfau’s recommendation of his own book. At the same time let me also refresh the links to the one I have been writing for so many years: “Powers of Perceptual Control: An Inquiry into language, culture, power, and politics”. (The pun in the title is intended) Chapters 4-6 (of 47) constitute a short tutorial on PCT as I understand it. The whole of Volume 1 (12 Chapters) is an intro to the rest of the book. These links, as always, refer to material subject to editing. The rtf versions will change by the minute, as I edit this part or that part.

PDF versions as of today (Dec 12)
Volume 1: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol1_21.12.07.pdf - Simplify your life

Vol 2: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol2_21.12.07.pdf - Simplify your life

Vol 3: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol3_21.12.07.pdf - Simplify your life

Vol 4: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol4_21.12.07.pdf - Simplify your life

References: Dropbox - PPC_References.21.12.07.pdf - Simplify your life

RTF Versions

Vol 1: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol1_21.12.07.rtf - Simplify your life

Vol 2: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol2_21.12.07.rtf - Simplify your life

Vol 3: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol3_21.12.07.rtf - Simplify your life

Vol 4: Dropbox - PPC_v21_Vol4_21.12.07.rtf - Simplify your life

Refs: Dropbox - PPC_References.21.12.07.rtf - Simplify your life

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