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I created my first topic in this forum a month ago and received incredible feedback. That discussion eventually shifted to PCT applications to education, so I thought this subcategory should be the right one to keep it going.

I’m reading Tim Carey’s Control in the Classroom and really enjoying it. The first five chapters remind me essential discussions about education put forward by (radical) constructivists such as Ernst von Glasersfeld and Humberto Maturana in the 1980s. They also argued for the autonomy of the learner in educational settings using cybernetic principles. It is no coincidence that I first read about Bill Power’s work in a paper published by Glasersfeld and John Richards.

Are there other researchers on education active in this community? I’d love to know your work. A reading club about PCT applications to education would be awesome.

As I wrote in the other topic, I’ve designed a learning environment to teach computing principles and programming languages to undergraduate design students in Brazil. My aim is to understand and model this learning process using PCT principles.

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John Kirkland @ JohnK and Eetu Pikkarainen @ EetuP come immediately to mind.

Yes, this is a good place for such discussion. Thanks for the nudge to clean up the ‘About’ topic.

Eetu published an article on education last year, and invited discussion here.

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Have you looked at the Education section of the IAPCT website (iapct.org). If not, you may find some useful information and links there.

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Richard Pfau


That’s in the Applications/Education category. The ‘About’ topic there has links to topics under Fundamentals and under Research.

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for the tip. Eetu kindly sent me additional links of his research.


Hello Richard,

That section is very good. It pointed me to Tim Carey’s book and other useful references which are queued on my reading list.

It’s worth mentioning how rich the CSGnet Archive is for newcomers like me. Thank you all for keeping it available online.

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Hi all,

I now announce that I have recorded a lecture where I introduce also PCT. It is about semiotics of education and it was published in the summer in a huge International Open Seminar on Semiotics: a Tribute to John Deely on the Fifth Anniversary of His Passing.

Here is a link to the lecture in YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9SrCLOz3W0

It is transcribed and the slides can be downloaded from: https://www.uc.pt/site/assets/files/685825/eetu_pikkarainen_-2022-_semiotics_and_education.pdf

There is also a DOI site for the presentation in: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.6811646

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