Regulation and Control in Living Systems

Has anyone heard of a book with the title in the subject line, edited by an H. Kalmus and published by John Wiley in 1966?

I think I have a copy somewhere. Not willing to look very hard, but can keep it in mind when I sort all books in the next year. If it is what I vaguely remember, it was full of equations and failed to get me interested.


I was pretty sure that Kalmus and this book had come up before and I could find it in the CSGnet archive, but all I find is this mention in a quotation.

Search results are returned vastly faster than the last time I looked for something. Something has been fixed or something is broken.

Hans Kalmus (1906-1988) was primarily a geneticist, but of wide interests. A decade and a half earlier, he wrote
Kalmus, H. (1950). A cybernetical aspect of genetics. J. Heredity, 41, 19.

I must have been thinking of Milhorn, Howard T. (1966) The Application of Control Theory to Physiological Systems. I have a copy that is, alas, among the many things I haven’t read.

I received a copy of Kalmus’ book and skimmed through it. It looks very foundational, mentioning closed loop, comparators and control hierarchies. I’d be very surprised if Bill hadn’t read it and perhaps been influenced by it.