Social Policy How PCT can inform Social Policy? PCT & Social Policy discussions are here. Economics Culture In the humanities, ‘culture’ centers on expressive works, almost always from an ethnocentric point of view. The anthropological concept includes any “socially inherited element in the life of man, material and spiritual”,[1] and draws insight especially from “the trivial details of daily intercourse”.[2] Culture has been described by anthropologists as a frame of reference that people use to understand each other, [4] including language, values, and rules that set the limits for behavior and provide definitions of reality, held in common by people who share a distinctive way of life.[3] In recent decades the concept has been clouded by political ramifications of colonialism, expropriation, and indigenous revitalization adapted from what is considered authentic culture by ethographers.[5] Management The Management subcategory is for discussions of how PCT applies to the performance of individuals, teams, committees, boards, and other units in an organization, and the organization as a whole. Ideas, cases, examples and research are all welcome. Collective Control Use this subcategory to discuss situations where more than one autonomous control system participates in controlling what is perceived to be the same environmental variable. This is fundamental to modeling social topics including language, culture, education, politics, and management. Language Use this subcategory to discuss language as control of perception.
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